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Tarot Journal

for beginners and experts

Hello to you, diviner and tarot lover! Welcome to your new tarot journey. I've been studying the tarot for over 15 years and have yet to find a satisfying journal that helped me create a deeper connection with my cards, so I decided to create one! This journal allows you to respond to prompts and easily keep track of the cards you pull. 

Tarot Journal Printify.png

This tarot journal was designed for type a and type b personalities. Feel free to choose an order you'd like to follow or intuitively pull a tarot card daily.  Each question is loose enough for those who want to feel the cards, but direct enough for those who actively study them, or a blend of both! Remember to jot down the date and tarot card in the reference section if you pull your card randomly and check the box that applies. This will help you easily navigate back to your notes and track which cards you pulled over time. You may see a pattern! There are no deadlines or anxiety-inducing calendars in this tarot journal. You can use it along with tarot guidebooks or exercise your power of intuition by allowing the card to speak to you. You can journal your tarot experience daily, weekly, or whenever you feel called to use your cards. Use this tarot journal to watch your spiritual evolution, exercise the art of divination, improve your intuition, or use each day to dive more deeply into a card you've chosen.

Be sure to listen to my podcast for tarot lessons and interviews with tarot deck creators and tarot experts and join my mailing list for updates on my offerings and community. Blessed be!

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