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Oct. 7, 2022

Season 1 - Tarot

Season 1 - Tarot

Hello everyone and welcome to The Aquarean Podcast. I'm Vanessa, a psychic, tarot reader, astrology and occult enthusiast, and your host as we travel through everything mystical and magical. I created this podcast to weave the many stories and experiences around our most popular mysteries, from their place of origin to their modern expression. It's obvious to me that humans need their natural connection to magic now more than ever and I'm excited to offer what I've learned along with fascinating and eye-opening interviews from experts and practitioners from all over the world. I hope to foster a deep understanding of where we come from and how we can express our own intrinsic and ancestral magic today.

These esoteric topics are so vast and their practices so personal it would be impossible and utterly confusing to address every mystery without some organization. Therefore, I've decided to create multiple series that focuses on a different topic moving backward in time so that we fully explore and digest each of them one by one. Our first topic will be the tarot, a fairly new, but widely adored practice of divination and soul searching. In the first episode, I will convey the history of the tarot, how it came to be and how we use it today, followed by episodes that teach you how to read the cards (so if you have a tarot deck that you haven't used since you bought it, get ready to pull it out). Once we've covered the tarot in practice, we'll move on to exciting interviews with tarot readers and tarot deck creators. I've personally studied the tarot for over 20 years and have been a professional tarot reader for about 6 years, so this topic is very close to my heart. Near the end of each series, I will announce the next topic so we can collectively prepare for each magical road ahead.

This podcast will be available every Wednesday at 7:00amm EST beginning November 2, 2022. Please be aware, The Aquarean is not on ANY social media platform, no Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, so if you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe and share the magic. If you'd like additional information or reading lists, please check the bio section of every episode. If you want to know more about me, the idea behind The Aquarean, or my many offerings, feel free to visit my website at www.theaquarean.com. I'm so excited to share this important and fascinating journey with all of you as we weave together the story of magic. As above, so below, blessed be. 

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