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The epitome of a magical podcast

Vanessa is a groundbreaking podcast host as much as she is a psychic, tarot card reader, and storyteller. Just WOW. Her guidance in tarot is of the utmost help, but I really want to highlight her story times. I come for the storytelling and stay for the tarot teaching. Hearing her treacherous journey with magic is awe-inspiring. In a time where magic and the occult have made their way into pop culture, it is REFRESHING to hear the shadows of tuning into your psychic gifts. I hope she continue to share her story on this platform-riveting, suspenseful, and magnetizing.

Incredibly helpful!

I love how the podcaster integrated personal stories within the informative podcast. Her way of teaching is very digestible and I’m learning so much with such ease!

I love Wednesdays

I love this podcast! Vanessa explains everything so beautifully, and each episode feels personal and welcoming for everyone— whether you’re new to tarot or already well-versed. I look forward to every Wednesday for the next episode.

Wonderful for anyone embracing and understanding their psychic abilities!

I loved listening to Vanessa’s story of coming of age and understanding her psychic abilities. She’s generous with her knowledge and I highly recommend this for anyone learning to read tarot or professional readers who want to feel less alone. Well done!

Practical & Informative

I love this series! Vanessa has a way of providing a lot of useful information in a format that is easy to understand and follow along with. Highly recommend listening to this series if you’re beginning your Tarot journey, or have been practicing for a while and you’re looking for a fresh take 😄


The Aquarean the first tarot podcast that has felt truly interactive to me. Vanessa is amazing at explaining the ins and out of tarot in a way that feels natural and comprehensible for any knowledge level. She is informative while keeping you engaged (coming from someone with a very short attention span). Additionally, Vanessa’s voice is very soothing. I highly recommend this podcast!!


Vanessa explain tarot in a way anyone can understand. She is a gift.

Eloquent. Articulate. Informed. Inspiring!

Vanessa is so eloquent, articulate, informed, and inspiring! Her passion and education on the topic is evident within a few minutes of listening to any episode. I am ecstatic to have found this resource within a week of buying my first tarot deck. Honestly, many explanations and introductory youtube videos had me feeling a little lost and questioning if this was really what I had hoped, as a lot of the content is trite and surface level. I have reignited my excitement upon finding her multi-faceted and well-spoken delivery which resonates so deeply with me and my goals with this ancient craft. Thank you, Vanessa!!! -MB

A gift that keeps giving

Vanessa is so talented, empathetic, and knowledgeable. Her expertise is unmatched! Listening to this podcast is going to be an experience to treasure! So excited!


Vanessa is such an inspiring voice with so much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world. I know these episodes will be filled with magic!

Can’t Wait For More!

I’m very excited to see how this show will evolve because this is a very promising start! Soothing voice with a passion behind it that enraptures you.

Bring on season one!

Amazing voice! Can’t wait to get a clear comprehensive understanding of the tarot and everything else Vanessa is going to break down for us! Bring on season one!


Even if just for the voice !!