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May 1, 2023

May's Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign

May's Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign
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Hello everyone! Welcome to May's predictions for each zodiac sign. All of the readings are available below, just select the link that's right for you.  I recorded audio and video for each reading so you’ll be able to see the cards I pull. They’re also a bit longer, most of them are around 15 minutes. If you enjoy listening to more than one sign, subscribe to The Aquarean+ for just $5 a month and you can listen to all of them free of charge, have access to every full episode, and be automatically entered into giveaways and will soon have the chance to ask me questions. All episodes and readings will be sent directly to your inbox, so you won’t have to visit any outside platforms. 

Please remember these are general readings, so take what resonates with you and leave the rest. There will be new Zodiac readings every month on the first of each month. 

CHOOSE FROM ALL ZODIAC SIGNS for $3 each,SIGN UP TO THE AQUAREAN+  to access all the readings for only $5 a month, or go straight to your sign below.


And now I want to announce the winner of the vintage Rider Waite Smith deck! CANDICE HUFF! Thank you so much for listening to my podcast and signing up for the monthly newsletter. I’ll be sending you an email by the end of the night requesting your address. It’s a beautiful deck, I hope you enjoy it.


From the latest blog: CLEANSING SERIES

Flowers are sprouting, days are getting longer, the rain is frequent and nourishing, and temperatures are rising. Life is budding, which means it’s time to emerge from our winter hibernation of reflection and embrace the natural energy buzzing around us.
I don’t know about you, but the moment the thermometer hits sixty degrees and it’s sunny outside I get a rush of energy and immediately want to throw open my windows and start deep cleaning.