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Feb. 15, 2023

How To Read Tarot - The Court of Cups

How To Read Tarot - The Court of Cups

This week's episode is all about the Court of Cups.  An imaginative group who respond to emotions and follows their intuition. I mention a few movies in this episode, feel free to check out their trailers below. I also describe what I believe is each of their Myers-Briggs personality types, so click the link next to each Court card to explore them in more detail.*

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01 :10 - Introduction to the  Court of Cups
02:33 - The Court of Cups as a Family
06:53 - The Page of Cups ISFP
12:40 - The Knight of Cups ESFP
18:39 - The Queen of Cups ESFJ
23:34 - The King of Cups INFJ

80's and 90's Family Sitcoms
"Independence Day" Scene
"The Descendents" Trailer
"Stepmom" Scene

* I am not a psychologist, this is simply my opinion based on my own research on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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