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Nov. 9, 2022

How to Read Tarot - The Basics

How to Read Tarot - The Basics

Welcome to the second episode of The Aquarean podcast. The last episode explored the history of Tarot, where it came from, and how we use it today. Now, we begin to learn how Tarot works. When inspired to read Tarot, most of us jump straight into memorizing the definitions (myself included), but that generally causes more confusion. We could find ourselves quitting after just a couple of months. If we approach Tarot as a multi-layered system, it makes the process of learning easier. First, we need to establish Tarot's inherent patterns. In this episode, we'll learn these basic foundational cues that our intuition needs to build the language for Tarot.

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03:09 - Tarot Lesson 1 - The Splits in the Deck
03:50 - Major Arcana
05:37 - The Minor Arcana & the Suits
06:17 - The Court Cards
07:43 - Comparing Tarot to a Piano
09:55 - Review
10:38 - Analyzing Tarot Cards that seem similar
13:09 - Tarot Exercise #1

Visual Reference: The card order of Tarot

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