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Jan. 4, 2023

How to Read Tarot - 7s / My Ayahuasca Journey Pt. 1

How to Read Tarot - 7s / My Ayahuasca Journey Pt. 1

This episode ventures further into my life with magic and explores the 7's in the Minor Arcana. If you’re new here, I’m Vanessa, a psychic, Tarot reader, astrology and occult enthusiast, and your host as we explore everything mystical and magical. This first series of The Aquarean focuses on Tarot, its history, and practice. Later in the series, we'll interview tarot authors and Tarot deck creators., but for now, we're still learning how to read the cards. 

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01:10 - My Ayahuasca Journey Pt. 1
11:50 - The 7's
12:16 - 7 of Wands
13:33 - 7 of Cups
14:50 - 7 of Swords
16:30 - 7 of Pentacles

Nancy Adlman - Psychotherapist and Shamanic Counselor

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