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April 12, 2023

How to Read Tarot Cards Individually & In a Spread

How to Read Tarot Cards Individually & In a Spread

This is my final solo episode, except for the bonus episodes I’ll air monthly. Interviews start next week, and I’m so excited to dig into the art of Tarot reading with other fabulous readers and psychics. Interviews begin next week which also means subscriptions begin next week! Let me go over that a bit, you’ll want to listen because I’m also announcing how any of you could win a gorgeous, vintage-inspired, Rider Waite Smith deck!

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1:00 Intro
4:05 How to read Tarot Cards individually
23:55 How to read Tarot cards in a Spread

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Flowers are sprouting, days are getting longer, the rain is frequent and nourishing, and temperatures are rising. Life is budding, which means it’s time to emerge from our winter hibernation of reflection and embrace the natural energy buzzing around us.
I don’t know about you, but the moment the thermometer hits sixty degrees and it’s sunny outside I get a rush of energy and immediately want to throw open my windows and start deep cleaning.