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First off, let me point out how special it is that you found your way here. The Aquarean is no longer on any social media making this, by today's standards, a truly serendipitous connection. Whether you've heard me on a podcast, through a friend, via google, or any other means, I welcome you and am so very happy you're here. 

- Vanessa Bartlett 

"Vanessa is wise, receptive and VERY connected to the unseen forces of everyday life." - Molly

a little about me


how did you get started as a psychic?
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My interest began at a very young age; I would get flashes of "knowing" something was going to happen and I'd practice my ability to manifest (create) with my mind. I crafted spells and made potions with my friends, played "light as a feather, stiff as a board", and built a large altar of candles in my bedroom for reasons unknown to me then. I didn't assume I was good at any of it nor did I imagine it would be a part of my life forever.


I don't come from a psychic, mystical, or even religious family. These were never topics anyone thought to discuss. I was taught altruism and a love for self expression, not the ability to see and feel what's not physically in front of you. I felt this connection to "Spirit" all on my own. Though this difference felt like a burden most of my life, I now consider it one of my greatest sources of strength.


It took me a very long time to overcome my fears and fully accept my gifts, but over the past 15 years I have helped hundreds of people using tarot, astrology, and mediumship (communicating with past loved ones). I've held and attended New and Full Moon Circles, participated regularly in mediumship circles, and taught meditation and psychic development to people who never thought they could learn it. I crossed over to professional psychic about 5 years ago and I am currently pursuing an Astrology Certification with NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). Currently, I am only offering tarot readings, but I will soon open for Akashic Records Readings and Mediumship.

are you always right about the future?

I am far more often right than wrong, but of course I'm fallible. Every reader (tarot or otherwise) has to grow in their ability to connect and translate the unseen world. I have most certainly been wrong, but I learn from each reading and correct myself for the future. Courage and humility are required to grow in this art form. I am still adjusting and tweaking my translations to this day. 

why can't i ask a health question?

I am not a health professional, making it illegal for me to give you health or medical advice. Thank you for understanding.

will you teach the tarot and/or psychic development?

Absolutely. I love to help deepen psychic awareness or peaceful states of being. Having to learn on my own forced me to learn what is and isn't effective. I will soon release my own tarot lessons and guided meditations that will make you feel confident in your own abilities.  

who is the aquarean?

Scroll further to find out...

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a little about the aquarean


ok, so who is the aquarean?

For now, it's just me, but over time, The Aquarean will include many more practitioners. The Aquarean's goal is to grow into a platform of gifted psychics and healers who represent different community needs. Eventually, The Aquarean hopes to give back to the community and beyond by offering affordable alternative healing practices that address the mind, body, and spirit. Before that can happen, we begin by constructing a solid foundation where magic can thrive. If this sounds like a platform you'd be interested in, please sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on the newest developments. 

why did you name it the aquarean?

We're all heading into what is known in astrology as "The Aquarian Era", so I combined the words to create The Aquarean and, much like the archetype of the Aquarian, I'm dedicated to creating something larger than myself. I chose "The Aquarean" to maintain the limitless possibility that only an ordained era could give. 

why did you start the aquarean?

Simple: there were no jobs I felt were worth applying to, so I had to start my own business. Many of us have to go that route. The astrology apps are hiring web developers and the call in psychic hotlines or chat rooms demand a lot of turnovers to make a decent living. The only jobs that inspired me were nowhere near me and were very unique positions. This realization started a fire in me to create a platform where like-minded and gifted people could work and express their gifts without the pressure of owning their own businesses. As The Aquarean grows, so will our job offerings, openings, and partnerships. if this interests you, join our mailing list to stay up to date on our development. 

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