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"Vanessa is magic", "I've never felt so confirmed", "a fantastic tarot reader"

Psychic & Tarot Readings

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"Vanessa is magic. I felt an instant connection with her, like something within me knew she had the messages I needed to receive." - Jessica

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Welcome, everyone! I'm Vanessa and I've been a practicing psychic and tarot reader for over 15 years. I am able to use my intuition and psychic vision to find answers to whatever it is you're seeking. People come to me with questions concerning all sorts of issues such as love, career, indecision, confusion, spiritual misalignment, upcoming events, and more. Take a look at my readings to schedule what's right for you. I look forward to assisting you whenever you feel called. 

If you're interested in learning and exploring the tarot, check out my new podcast, The Aquarean, where I teach tarot and will soon interview tarot readers, authors, and tarot deck creators. Feel free to join the mailing list to be included in our newly created magical ecosystem. Check out my Shop for items that connect you with the magic you love. Many Blessings! 

Upcoming Meditations & Ceremonies

Enter your email to be notified about upcoming guided meditations and events. Registration for the Winter Solstice ceremony will be available soon! 

Blessed Be!


"Receiving a reading from Vanessa was truly a magnificent experience." - Omarchy

Tarot Journal

Do you want to deepen your connection with the tarot? Are you lost in a sea of tarot interpretations? Have you wished for an easy way to reference your past thoughts on your tarot pulls? Whether you're a consistent tarot reader or a more casual user, you'll enjoy this journal's simplicity and organization.

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Astrology Flashcards

ASTROLOGY LOVERS!! Learn and practice astrology with these visually stimulating, practical, hand-painted astrology flash cards. This deck of 51 flash cards includes planets, signs, houses, elements, modes, aspects, and more.

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